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A New Album 
has been released!

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Hun Yuan: Sound of Universe

Sounds of the universe are healing frequencies.

The music in this album depict the energy in space.

Low frequency vibrations and noises have healing effects.

We wish you a piece of mind with "Hun Yuan".

Hun Yuan reflects the harmonious universe.

There are an infinite numbers of universes which are repeating birth and death while gradually transforming.

In this album, Hun Yuan (Earth, Outer Space, Contradiction, Equilibrium) transforms into a different Hun Yuan.

​The melodies and the tones of music are slightly different from the original version.

Relaxing BGM "Healing Tree"

The wooden instrument, marimba produces healing sounds. The bass sound which sounds like a synthesizer is bowed marimba, another method of playing marimba.
The singing birds were recorded in early morning in Ala Moana Honolulu, Hawaii.
It's the sound of happiness and joy.

We recommend headphones or earphones for listening as HPL2 binaural technology plug-in and 3DX 3D -panning was used for mixing.

We hope you enjoy listening to the sound of healing tree!

Tao Wellness Taiji Institute

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