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We promote anti-aging, wellness, and fulfillment in your heart and in your life

1984 in Aoyama Tokyo

We have entered the 21st century and soon the human life expectancy may reach100 years, a full century to a person's life. We must know how to maintain health and well-being to keep active and enjoy living this long life.
Our mission is to promote Chinese martial arts, taichi, and qigong to help people to increase physical and mental health and also beauty. We support you to reach your full potential and heal your mind and body.

Den Chan has been involved in taichi, qigong and music and art production.  All of it is aimed to enhance health and promote healing.

Her goal is to establish the Tao Wellness Taiji Institute to enrich lives through martial arts, qigong, music, and art in Hawaii. In addition, she hopes to support others to further contribute to society through these arts and music.  She welcomes students of martial arts as well as those who simply seek physical and mental health. 

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