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About Hawaiian Relaxation Qigong

Qigong is an exercise to promote

health, longevity, and your full potential

Hawaiian Relaxation Qigong oriented in Hawaii

Hawaii is often described as a paradise or even an utopia. Because of it's natural beauty and ideal climate, Hawaii has become one of the world's leading resort and tourist destinations.


The true charm of Hawaii is its powerful natural energy:  its blue skies, crystal clear sea waters, fresh air breezes, brilliant sunshine, its stars in the night sky, and its volcanic activity. HR Qigong can heal the mind and body by capturing the nature Qi in Hawaii.


Hawaiian Relaxation Qigong is a system of physical and mental exercises based on the following practices.

・ Wudang Qigong practiced by Master Qing Chuan Wang in Hawaii

・ Daoying Yangshenggong, a Qigong therapy, developed by Professor Zhang Guangde, from China

・ Yiquan's Hun Yuan Zhuang and testing power


HR Qigong includes "jing gong", the standing meditation, and "dong gong", moving exercises with stretching and massage effects.


The benefits of HR Qigong include: stress relief, enhanced energy, boosted immunity, relief of muscle tension, promotion of blood circulation, relief of constipation, improved sleep, improved posture, and more youthful facial expression.

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

DYSG is a series of Qigong exercises developed in 1970's by former Professor Zhang Guangde of Beijing University of Physical Education. In the Qigong Research Center, he combined ancient  Daoyin exercises (Chinese qi guiding exercises),  Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and martial arts to prevent and heal disease as well as to promote health maintenance. In the 1980s, these exercises spread widely in Asia, America, and Europe. It was officially acknowledged as a medical health qigong by the Chinese government.

This regimen of exercises guides the Qi to their proper meridians by stretching and twisting the muscles combined with breathand self-massage.


Master Qing Chuan Wang 
and Wudang Qigong

Wudang Qigong was handed down to Master Qing Chuan Wang  

from Master Pei Xirong, the 17th patriarch of the Wudang  Dragon Gate Sect. Master Pei studied under the highest abbot Xu Ben Shan who was the 15th patriarch of Wudang Dragon Gate Sect in 1929 when he visited Wudang Mountain with his Xing Yi Quan master, Master Fu Jian Qiu, renown at that time. 

Master Pei was the chairman of the Wudang Qigong Research Institute, vice chairman of the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, and the director of the China Qigong Research Association. 

Master Wang was recognized for his high ability in qigong which he inherited from his ancestor, and then became the 18th patriarch in 1980. He was invited to Hawaii in 1992 to teach Wudang Qigong at the recommendation of the Shanghai Health Qigong Association. He modified Wudang Qigong into an unique style that is well-suited for Hawaii. He calls it "Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit Qigong". He continues to be an active qigong healer in Hawaii.


[Marine biologist and fairy tale writer Katherine Orr, Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit, published in 2005]


Yiquan is a practical modern scientific martial art created by Master Wang Xiang Zhai in the early 20th century. It is mainly based on Xing Yi Quan with some aspects of Baguazhang, and Taichi.


In Japan, Yiquan was promoted as "Taikiken" by Master Kenichi Sawai who lived in China during the1930's and became a disciple of Master Wang Xiang Zhai. 

​Other than intense combat training, Yiquan incorporates trainings such as Zhanzhuang and Shili. Yiquan's training, such as Hunyuanzhuang can improve health conditions of practitioners tremendously. It is promoted as health exercises after Peoplel's Republic of China was established in 1949.

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