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Den Chan's Music


Hun Yuan : Sound of Universe


Sounds of the universe are healing frequencies.

The music in this album depict the energy in space.

Low frequency vibrations and noises have healing effects.

We wish you a piece of mind with "Hun Yuan".

Hun Yuan reflects the harmonious universe.

There are an infinite numbers of universes which are repeating birth and death while gradually transforming.

In this album, Hun Yuan (Earth, Outer Space, Contradiction, Equilibrium) transforms into a different Hun Yuan.

​The melodies and the tones of music are slightly different from the original version.


Hun Yuan: Earth 

In this piece, the sounds of marimba, Chinese guitar Ruan, and synthesizers portray the earth seen from space, the surface, and deep inside the mantle.  

It gets hotter and brighter from the dark underground towards the center of the earth.  

If you remove the heat radiation from the mantle, it becomes a world of glittering jewels.  

The vibrations and noises depict electromagnetic waves emitted from earth.


Outer Space : 

Space is known as the final frontier. The theme of this piece is space exploration.  

Most property of outer space consists of dark energy and dark matter which are more unknown than known.  

There also exist an inffinite number of galaxies in space.  

In the latter part of the piece, the vibrations created by the deep bass sounds of bass marimba are intended to heal your body and mind. 


Mao Dun: Contradiction :

This piece has a theme of deep space.  

The marimba duo evokes mysterious melody by phase shifting.  

While one marimba plays the repetitive phrase with the original tempo, the other marimba tempo gradually slows down.  

The sound waves interact each other when they are out of phase.


Shou Zhong :  Equilibrium

This music gives the impression of harmonious universe.  Shou Zhong means to have and maintain perfect balance and harmony.

Ancient Chinese philosophies notion that the universe constitute harmonious relations of everything in the universe such as that between the Earth and the Sun.  

The harmonious universe is beautiful and comforting.  It will continue to die and to be reborn forever.

Relaxing BGM "Healing Tree" 


​The wooden percussion instrument, marimba produces soothing sounds of healing frequencies.

In this music, "Bowed marimba" pulling a violin bow across the edge of the bars of the marimba produced wonderful effect like synthesizer.  


The singing voices of the birds were recorded in early morning in Ala Moana Honolulu, Hawaii.  

HPL2 and 3DX 

We recommend headphones or earphones for listening.

 Music for Taichi and Martial Arts "Way" 

Music for Taichi and Martial Arts "Way"


The album cover ot the "Way" is an image of Taoist martial artist who is heading home from  a life long journey. Taoist had trainings of weapons such as staff, saber, sword, and spear, and fists. He gained enlightment.

You can enjoy the sounds of guzheng, erhu, pipa, xiao, and other Chinese musical instruments.  The music is classical as well as contemporary.

Purple Cloud Temple and Taoist Mountain are slow relaxing classical music composed for Taichi and Qigong performances. 

Divine Spear, Jade Emperor are bright and uptempo rendition with gongs and drums, and synthesizer.

Den Chan has spent a lot of time and energy to compose music for Taichi and martial arts performances and for daily practice. Her objective was to create high quality music for personal use that would uniquely synchronize with Taichi and martial arts movements. Now we share them with Taichi and martial arts enthusiasts as well as those who simply strive to improve and maintain their health and well-being.

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